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Post  CarolH on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:01 pm

No one has bothered to reply to you even though many have read your comments. Perhaps you should stop and think how annoying it is for the English to have to read your Americanisms. English people are fully aware that the American language bears little relation to English.
However, I dont think the Dukan diet is about having a jab at how people speak. Might be better if you concentrated your time and efforts into following the diet and being less critical of the writer.

Newly Expressive
Newly Expressive

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The Dukan Diet Empty Re: The Dukan Diet

Post  mummymouse on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:19 pm


I have to agree with Carol, The British do have a good understanding of English diction. You don't however hear us complaining about american diction. We are all different, after all.
A trunk is something one packs clothes into to travel or the nose of an elephant. A boot to us, is really a Wellington boot, but we understand the gist of his diction, So there for, we can interpret he could actually mean a car boot, pending the context of scripture.

They are just words and i am sure Monsieur Dukan meant no harm or disrespect by using these words when writing his book.
But i wish you well on the Dukan Diet.


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