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celebration meals

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celebration meals Empty celebration meals

Post  natalie on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:20 pm

what does dr d mean by 2 celebration meals per week? and at what stage and what can i have?? can you tell im hungary!! lol!

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celebration meals Empty Celebration Meals

Post  hlinds on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:15 pm

You can have the celebration meals in the 3rd Phase of the Dukan Diet aka The Consolidation Phase. So as an example during the week you continue with the approved protein and the approved veggies but do not have to alternate days you can have them every day. You also add 2 slices of whole grain bread and one piece of fruit a day (no banana's, cherries, or raisins) and 2 starchy sides a week (such as a serving of rice with a selected meal) ---- then here comes the fun part ------ out of your 7 day week you can pick TWO meals to have what ever you want, just do not go crazy. So if your friends are going out and having Chicken Alfredo with salad and bread YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!!! Very Happy and then if you want a wonderful breakfast of real flour pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit and orange juice YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!!! Then start to look forward to the next week when you get to do it all again. Remember this is the longest part of the diet - this is the time when you are preparing your body to eat normal again Very Happy (5 days for every pound lost) so for me I will be on this phase for 200 days once I have reach my target weight.

Wishing you continued success. Heidi

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celebration meals Empty fell off the wagon

Post  natalie on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:55 pm

ive totally fell off the wagon this week. i'm finding i'm picking at stuff an odd chip, a bite of bread ,maynards friut salad. i'm dead stressed this week also so i dont think it helps. Im going out this weekend so my plan is to do 5 days protien from monday then alternate days. so dissapionted in myself Sad

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celebration meals Empty Hey Natalie

Post  mummymouse on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:55 pm

hi sweety

STOP IT!!!!! I mean stop beating yourself up!!!
So you fell off the wagon, get your self back in saddle and start again, thats all you have to do.
Start on the attack for a few days, then drop back into PP days and PV days. Its not the end of the world.

I just read your message to me. YES YOU MUST EAT LOTS AND LOTS. No wonder your picking and grazing. so i will give you a few ideas and i want you to pull your finger out and make these things and have them in your fridge all the time,,, ok???? Your toddler will love them, ( if not allergic to milk products)

so you fancy chocolate???? easy peasy idea

Dessert 1
1tub Quark (fat free soft cheese)
1 sml tub 0%fat free greek yog
3 caps vanilla extract
grated rind 1 orange
squirt lemon juice
3 teasppon cocoa powder ( green&black) comes in a little black tub

now mix the whole lot together , and graze on it , on and off, as in have a few dessert spoons through the day, or one every hour, or a bowl full if you need it.

Dessert 2
3 egg yolks
dess sp corn flour
1 pint milk (skim)
3 dess sp sweetener

3/4 pint in a pan and heat till hot.
mix all other ingredients together including the 1/4 left over

now pour hot milk on custard mix and whisk with a balloon whisk, transfer back to pan, continuously whisk till thick. AND EAT THE LOT!!!! helping ???? U could make some rhubarb and have rhubarb and custard, hhmm.

Dessert 3,
Sugar free jelly. Make it up and chill in five tumble size drinking glasses, put in fridge to set
make the same mixture for choc and orange dessert above, but leave the choc out. Top off with Vanilla yog (Onken) have one of those every day.

These are all very very filling desserts, and allowed and free, when you appetite decreases, you will not want one every day.

i live on Onkens Vanilla yog. i know it is not sugar free, but i seem to get away with it.

My appetite is way smaller now. i can't even eat a three egg omlette now. But 4 weeks ago i could and it was stuffed full of fish,ham,chick,prawns.

I eat prridge first thing, its very very filling. 2 hours later i have a bite, then lunch, whole pack salmon or bag of prawns, i graze again on a dessert or whole tub of Onken. Then i have dinner. In between i will have had 1.5 litres of water and 5 cups of tea.

thats about what i eat now. if your hungry eat, its protein, your body has to work very hard to break it down. Its the longest molecule for a human to digest. So your body works hard, and you should become thirsty, so drink a pint with a meal.

so please up your food, keep some lovley tasty things in your fridge.
Oh and i also used Tesco ready cooked ready to eat packs of chicken Tikka/bbq/piripiri. i eat the whole pack.
dinner i will have a whole pack with a stir fry, i eat the whole pack of stir fry too!!!

Me thinks you are not eating enough hunny.

So be nice to yourself, dust yourself down and start again, we are all willing you on and rooting for you.


PS go read your book again for motivation , then read it every day for a few days, just the first two parts, It will reset your mind frame.

Very Happy

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celebration meals Empty Re: celebration meals

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