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Post  belethca1wen on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:40 pm

So I've decided to start one of these too Smile

As I said in the intro section I started at about 92kg though I think I was actually already a kg lighter when I started but what the heck :p
My attack phase wasn't really anything to write home about in terms of results but I really did struggle with 7 days of only eating meat - because I'm not actually a big fan of it.

However today, 37 days in, I don't actually feel like I'm on a diet at all really ! Though my graph, as can be expected, keeps going up and down and up and down the general direction is very clearly down Very Happy
The only times I messed up in this time I ate the size of half a 5p coin in chocolate (that thin too!) just to have the taste of choc in my mouth at easter :p and when I was invited for an interview where food was provided I couldn't really say no so I chose 2 mini quiches and a chicken wing. As I had to carry around big luggage after that for 2 days all over the place I think I worked it off anyway haha.

The last week seems to have gone better than my 1kg a week as I appear to be at 1.6kg down! I'm sure it'll go back up a bit but it certainly makes hitting next week's kg target nice n easy! (i hope :p)

So yes, at the moment I'm feeling great, much more motivated than in the beginning where I didn't think I would stick to it and my next aim is to get more exercise in than I am getting at the moment which may help the weigh tloss a bit but in any case it'll make me feel healthier.

bel's logbook Reglette-10-04-28-9269.8-84.4
I love turtles so seeing it trot along makes me very happy too Very Happy (no I swear I didn't take happy pills!)

Maybe I'll try to update this every week - will probably end up being more haha
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