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Post  little piggi on Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:54 am

Hmm Where to start.... as you all can see my weight isn't going down as easy and quick as it used to but that's alright - I gather the slower I loose it the slower I will put it back on.

Can I ask you, has anyone of you thought about what is going to happen once the diet is finished... yes yes I know we are going to stage 3 and 4 first but seriously what is it with this diet that makes us feel like we will never put the weight back on. I am at a stage now where I begin to really feel overweight - funny ey, I've lost 8kg and NOW it accured to me that I am overweight... still I am looking at us (my other half and myself) eating dinner and start to wonder what if it would be Friday night in a few month time when all restrictions are gone... will we just fall back into our; let's have fish and chips nights? Of course we should be reacting a lot quicker the next time but how many people do we know that get rid of the weight just to put it all back on.

I remember knowing this girl who was around 120kg - she got married and slimmed down to around 70kg BUT only 6 month after she was back to over 100kg. I don't want to sound negative all I want is for us to have a good look from now on at what we eat, and especially when we eat - my worst moments are always the drunken once... no limits is all I can say1

The main thing I've learned is to stop nibbling during the day, I actually thought I've been very good and only ate a couple of fruits and breakfast and and and and but that has all stopped now.... !

sorry I didn't want to bring you all down it was just on my mind....

little piggi
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Post  CarolH on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:14 am

Hi little piggi

You are doing fine but you need to loose the negativity. Your first paragraph talks about loosing weight and then about putting it back on again. The great thing about this diet is that because it takes months (if you have a reasonable amount to loose) then you have been forced if you follow the diet, to eat sensibly for months and then are given the way to stay slim for the rest of your life by following the first attack phase JUST ONE DAY A WEEK and it wont go back on again. You will be allowed your celebration meals each week, so fish and chips a couple of times a month will be OK, and if you get really thrilled about your new figure and probably new amount of energy and being able to buy lovely fashionable clothes (instead of just the ones that cover up the worst bits) then I think you wont want to absolutely over feed yourself with chocolate etc again, everything in moderation is OK.

All the people I know who are slim seem to know that they should only eat reasonable size meals and can eat two slabs of chocolate and put the rest away (I cant, I have to eat the whole bar or just not have any in the house) we are learning on this diet to eat like a naturally slim person would.

My daughter (mummymouse) has lost around 34lb in about 6 weeks and I have only lost 8lb in half of that time but I just believe that if I dont succeed on this diet then I wont succeed on any diet, so I am just going to keep working at it and make my body get rid of the ugly fat parts of me that I dont want.

If we are loosing weight however slow we are winning. Have fun.

By the way do you have the book, it is much harder to follow the diet if you only have downloaded info from internet.

Carol XXX

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Post  mummymouse on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:26 pm

Hey pretty piggy

What's up dolly? you sound blue? thats a no no!!! are you having negative internal conversations again?

So you started the ATTACK PHASE, and you finished it.
So you started the CRUISE PHASE, and you still need to finish it.... by the time you get through this phase you will be where you want to be CONS PHASE, and then you will be adding 1 three course meal in a week,along with your alternating days of veg/meat. Your body will learn to re-adjust to this kind of eating and you will not put weight back on. then you will do last phase and be slim, smart and eating sensibly with no food hangups, because you will have had months to learn to eat food good or bad but in moderation.
Me thinks you are preparing yourself to fail hunny. YOU WILL BE FINE, YOU WON'T PUT THE WEIGHT ON, because you will have re-taught yourself how to eat the right way and your appetite will be way smaller, your eyes will actually be too big for your tummy.
Its a mental glitch that you are experiencing, its a natural way for your subconscious to stop you doing what you are doing... loosing weight. It is natural and normal for the mind to put up defenses. Just keep doing what you are doing. i am glad you bought it up, because i wonder how many newbies will think this before they under take this diet?
We are all right here with you, supporting you and all of us know you CAN DO THIS, and will do this.

Sending you positive vibes hunny


cheers cheers Very Happy

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