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Stuck....and loosing will power!!

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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty Stuck....and loosing will power!!

Post  Alison1400 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:51 am

6 weeks in with a loss of 13lb, but for past two weeks have become stuck (lost 1 1lb then nothing) and really fed up. I know i feel at times i don't want to eat because i am fed up of what i am eating-especially on pp days or not enough water... but i only have another 8lbs to go and really feel demoralised. Any ideas??? I don't want to give up as i have been doing so well but all this hard work for nothing????

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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty DO NOT GIVE UP

Post  little piggi on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:31 am


please whatever you do just do not give up. Every Monday I am half a kg heavier then I was on Friday - I still haven't figured out why but I assume it is because I run up and down the stairs in my office all day long. Every Saturday I wake up with the mad craving of french croissants with ham and cheese but I don't eat it. I dream the entire day about food like french baget or creme cheese bagels or spag. carbonara and again I don't eat it.

This diet is really easy at the beginning but be honest if it wouldn't be hard sometimes you could not look back and say; it was tuff but I've done it!!! This diet shows us how wrongly we've treated out body and what it really needs.

I've read on the Dukan site that if you suddently stop loosing weight you should limit your water intake to 1.2 litres of water a day for a maximum of 4 days and that should do the trick.

you can do it - good luck!!

little piggi
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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty re: stuck

Post  hlinds on Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:09 pm

By all means do not give up - do not lose your will power. I don't understand you saying "will this all be for nothing" you have lost 13 pounds that is fantastic!!!!!! The last 10-15 are always the hardest - you body is holding on for dear life it does not know you are trying to make it better Razz You are almost to the finish line, it might just take a little longer to get there. What was your target date??? Re-read the book and re-try the suggestions on what to do when your body seems to be stalling. Also give the water thing a try as mentioned, I would just not go below that level in order to protect your kidneys. Take care and I believe you can do it - pull on all of your inner strength to complete this phase. Heidi Wink

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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty Re: Stuck....and loosing will power!!

Post  Linda on Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:02 am

I have a suggestion. The book says that sometimes when people have had enough, it's best to go onto the stabilisation stage to secure the weight they have already lost. If I was in your position, that's what I'd do. I'd take the lost weight and stabilise it. Then, later on, when I felt motivated to try again, I'd start on the last bit of weight with a whole new beginning of the diet, just for that part. Then, I'd stabilise whatever was gained from that and do it again later until I'd reached my goal. This is not giving up. It's securing the victory already won.
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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty Maybe eat more protein

Post  CarolH on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:31 am

Hi there

I am with all the others in telling you that you have obviously done so well and not to give up. There may be another thing you could try if you really want to try to loose more immediately and that is to eat much more protein. I did 10 days attack and lost 7lb then went onto cruise and went up and down for four days and didnt end up loosing anything in that time. My daughter has lost 32lb in 6 weeks and when I complained that I wasnt loosing weight any where near as fast, she asked how much I ate (and came round and saw my portions) and said I should eat almost double of the protein part of each meal, I am not a big eater anyway so have stepped up my consumption of protein and will let you know if it works.

You could try this and if this doesnt work either then probably the stabilising idea would be a good thing for you to do.

Good luck, keep reading the forums and getting encouragement from all of us who are on the diet and helping to lift each other up when the weight isnt doing what we want it to.

CarolH XX

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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty Re: Stuck....and loosing will power!!

Post  mummymouse on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:50 pm

DONT GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!! you got this far for a reason!! you worked hard, you wanted to loose weight and YOU DID IT. Stop being so hard on yourself. You are an amazing and beautiful person, You are kind, sensitive and smart.
You have every reason to feel deflated, but it is a glitch. Thats all.
As previously stated by one of the girls, your body is begging to maintain its weight. Your body is refusing to shed any more. That is official STAGNANTION.....
I too think that if you are getting ready to quit then move onto Stabilization. You have nothing to loose in doing that and everything to gain, by maintaining your weight and treating yourself to a tasty meal.
give it a month then go back to attack phase if that helps.

As my mum ( above) stated, i nearly had kittens when i saw the amount she was eating!!!! she feeds her squirrels more than she was eating. And no she didn't loose loads more, but the weight still came down.
How can your body loose weight if you don't feed it enough? If you don't drink enough your body is full of protein and needs extra water to flush it through.

You MUST VARY your meals. You must eat more protein then veg on PV days.
Make up yummy desserts (fat free/sugar free)
READ YOUR BOOK DAILY to motivate you.
Write out new meal ideas. graze every 2.5 hours, it only needs to be a bite here and there inbetween meals but you need to constantly fuel your body.
And then you next week you loose a 1lb and the week after, and in 7 weeks you lost 1/2 stone, its all going in the right direction.

We are all here, willing you on, waiting for your next lb to come off. Come find us and talk to us, don't feel upset, and miserable. this is why we have these forums, to support and motivate.

So keep going hunny, you have acheived so much.


Very Happy cheers cheers

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Stuck....and loosing will power!! Empty Re: Stuck....and loosing will power!!

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