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Post  Piper on Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:20 am

Hi Everyone,

I have had my Dukan book for about a month now but have been unable to touch it due to work demands. I am on a break now and have ripped through the book, bought some groceries and will start tomorrow. I lost 100 lbs 2 years ago on Kimkins but a lot of it has come back even though I have stayed away from carbs. Many can eat a high fat diet and not gain. I am not one of those people (farewell cream and butter - I can not be your friend anymore). I did lose a lot of hair with Kimkins and my nails become too soft. I will be making sure that I do not limit fat too much on this diet so that happens again. It is really scary to wash your hair and literally be holding hand fulls of your own hair. I do way better with a prescribed plan that is laid out and broken into sections so I am confident that I will do well with this eating plan. I did well with Kimkins which was low carb, low fat and I know after a couple of weeks I will be locked in and able to cope.

A special hello to all the Aussies on here. I love Australian reality T.V. I am currently watching Master Chef and am loving it. I will now be keeping an eye out for some dishes that are Dukan friendly or adaptable.

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