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What do you do when you get off track? Please help

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What do you do when you get off track? Please help Empty What do you do when you get off track? Please help

Post  Mighelli on Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:26 am

I started Dukan last week - really motivated as the allowance of dairy is a breath of fresh air unlike Atkins

The weight was going down Very Happy

Did 5 days of attack & found I wasnt hungry or craving anything & had a good weightloss of 2.5kgs
Then this weekend hit - thought I could copeas I was going onto a protein veggie day Embarassed

Saturday breakfast & lunch on track & then for dinner we were on an 11 boat raft up progressive dinner - didnt have the bread roll with the pumkin soup, then main course pork or lamb with veggies & cheese sauce & potatoes intheir jackets with sour cream

LOTS of alcohol & then dessert - apple struedel & cream

Breakfast next morning rather hung over but had scrambled eggs with ham & a small piece of grilled bacon - no fat & black cup of tea.....

Headache wasnt going away so a diet coke & grilled fish, a spring roll & chips for lunch & now I am feeling sick ( the hangover has gone ) & frustrated with myself

I am going to have a veal cutlet for dinner with some salad & regroup

Then is my question ? Should I compensate with 2 days pure protein? or what should I do - I am going to get on the scales tomorrow & see what damage has been done - but not sure where to go as the book dosnt allow for lapses ( that I can find)

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