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New to Dukan, Old to Atkins !!

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New to Dukan, Old to Atkins !! Empty New to Dukan, Old to Atkins !!

Post  Babylemonade76 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:39 pm

Hello all,

So glad I found this formum as I think I'll be needing some support from you all !!! I am no stranger to low-carb, had managed to lose a good amount of weight on Atkins but never managed to keep the weight off for long Rolling Eyes I was down to 56 kgs when really sticking to it but the weight has progressively come back on despite doing low carb in the week and endulging on weekends. I think my body was just getting way too much fat, as this is not restricted on Atkins. And drinking hefty amounts of wine. So hard to give up, but sooooo lethal on the waistline.

But the weight crept back on, and here I am, at 64 kgs for 169 cm tall. I know some may not consider that too much of a big deal (my boyfriend doesnt seem to notice or be bothered by it), but I miss wearing my lovely clothes from when I was thinner and do not want to get rid of them. I have found myself having to squeeze into the suits I used to wear to work only 6 months ago and that is NOT an attractive look ha ! No I just do not feel as light and happy and good about myself and would like to get back to where I was before.

I am half way through day 2 of the Attack phase and have both good and bad news : (a) the bad news is that I made it though the day just fine only to fall off the wagon at a work event and had 2 white wine spritzers. Who manages to screw up the first day ??!!! But I have to do A LOT of socialising for work, ie taking clients out for drinks. Unfortunately I just couldnt resist but will be working on that with all my might !!! (b) good news is that I have had so much water and going to the loo that my tummy has flattened a bit and when I tried on a pair of jeans that I tried on 4 days ago but were too snug to wear, they definitely feel looser today and I like that ! I havent weighed myself but tend to go by how my clothes fit, as the jeans never lie ! I will weigh at some point after the attack phase though.

Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you ! Most of all, congrats for taking action to manage your weight, it's not easy but let's keep our eyes on the prize !
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