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Charlotte's Log - 40kg to lose

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Charlotte's Log - 40kg to lose Empty Charlotte's Log - 40kg to lose

Post  Goldenfool on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:41 pm

Hi folks!

I've been reading about the Dukan Diet for almost a month now, but was away on holidays to the States until yesterday. Who can diet while on holiday, let alone in America!? ;-)

Anyway, I have around 40kg to lose - 114kg down to 74 or so. I'm all prepared, have stocked the freezer up with meat, roasted a chicken and saved the non-fatty meats (and discarded the skin!) and I have just cooked my first batch of oatbran pancakes in preparation for tomorrow morning. What is with pancakes, that the first one of any batch is always rubbish? I cooked four, enough for the rest of the week.

I'll be on attack phase for 5 days, and the projection on the English Dukan Diet homepage shows me losing as follows:

Charlotte's Log - 40kg to lose 2011&UnitW=0

Good to see other Aussies here! I'm from downunder, but have settled in Edinburgh, so I'm kinda ok with pounds, though I prefer kilos... Smile

I've also decided to keep track of my progress on a blog -

See you all tomorrow! Smile

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