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Oatbran Frenzy

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Oatbran Frenzy Empty Oatbran Frenzy

Post  Hayles on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:03 am

Day 7 on the Attack Phase and I am feeling confident. I have lost 2.4 kgs on the scales and I am feeling quite chuffed. I have realised though that I have been inadvertently cheating - much to my horror. I have been overdosing on oatbran - I had no idea there was a limit to the amt and I was putting heaps in my yoghurt and as felt it made the yoghurt taste better. Also one night I had a lamp chops ( which I realised now that they are not on the list) other than that I have been pretty good. I cant remember the last time I was this strict and committed. I look forward to living the dream in the not too far future.

Can anyone share some insight into the damage I caused going crazy on the oatbran - I guess in the scheme of things - oatbran isnt so bad. Your thoughts.....

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Oatbran Frenzy Empty Re: Oatbran Frenzy

Post  Linda on Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:46 am

I'm on day 4 and have also been inadvertantly overdoing the oatbran. I used to eat it daily before doing the diet because the doctor said I needed more fibre to prevent diverticulitis attacks. This diet prevents me from eating the beans I should also be eating, so I can't do away with the oatbran as well. Without the book, my research on the internet led me to believe we should be eating 3 tbsp daily on Attack. Tonight I find out it's only 1.5. This wouldn't be enough to keep me out of hospital, so I'm going to stick with the 3 tbsp daily until the end of Attack. It may cause my weight loss to be slower but a trip to hospital will destroy the diet altogether. I think we just have to adapt with good sense.
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