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Post  Kgen86 on Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:23 pm

Hey fellow dieters,
Long time dieter first time dukaner! So far I love it. I have spent most of my life battling with an eating disorder and reseaarching every diet fad out there. I was a little cautious when I first looked into this diet but the more i read the more i see that people are achieving some amazing results.
I only have 10 kilos to lose to get me to my goal weight, i have chosed Dukan to get me there becuase it seems so sustainable in the long term, plus I like the idea of having the strict rules that you follow along with.
Upon joining I am up to day 6 and have lost 3 kilos to date... I must admit to having a few drinks last night and now am feeling the after efects in terms of water weight. All in all so far so good.
Look forward to getting to know some of you fellow dukaners!

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