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Forum rules (Please read this carefuly)

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Forum rules (Please read this carefuly) Empty Forum rules (Please read this carefuly)

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:06 pm

Hi and welcome on this forum about the Dukan Diet,

To make our community remain united and this forum moving in the joy and good mood, I would like to ask you to read and observe the following rules:

- The main rules is the tolerance, you have the right to express your opinions but it is imperative that you respect those of the others. No one will judge, and newcomers have to be pleasantly greeted without any discrimination.

- The second rule is the respect of the english language. We are not on a chat nor on a mobile phone, so here the "SMS language" should be avoided. Of course cou can use abreviations, but keep in mind that they should be understandable by anyone. I personaly see in that a lack of respect for the people reading your posts (you will agree with me that it's not pleasant to read).

- I would ask you to use a correct and polite language, not to imediately express about topics that could offend or disturb your friends (pronography, violence, drugs, ...)

- Finally, to ensure an optimal readability and ease of navigation, you will be asked to try as much as possible to stay within the topic of the conversation, to verify that the message you're sending is at the right place in the categories of this forum, and not to post multiple messages (you can edit your posts). Also, avoid to post a message that contains unusefull informations (i.e : a message with a simple smiley).

- Try as much as possible to post images that do not exceed the margins of the forum. If the images are too big, I would ask you to place a link on the topic, in order not to overload the pages.

Do not hesitate to go to the category "Welcome Area" before you open your logbook, you will be greeted by a nice community of Dukaners...

The admin


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