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Post  Jason Gregory on Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:53 am

I am from Melbourne, Australia, and my partner and myself are beginning the diet in a couple of days.
We would be interested in hearing from other people who have had good success in the attack stage. We are both in the 15-30kg to lose category, although her closer to the 15kg and me closer to the 30kg.
What you ate, times of meals, types of exercise (before or after meals), and any other good tips?
My great problem is that I like a drink, but I will be stopping that at least while on the diet, and I sometimes will have something naughty to eat (like a pizza and will stop that as well).
So given that I already walk for two hours a day, once I get the diet right and drop the drink and poor food choices I am confident of some success and hope my body agrees with my mind.
Kind Regards,

Jason Gregory
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